Company Values of Our Columbia Heights Office


Providing Premiere Customer Service

Customer Service is who we are. We know that our clients have many options for their staffing needs. It is our goal each and every day that our clients stay with us because of the service we provide. We take the exact same approach of customer service to the service of our workers in the field. We know that providing clients with the quality, trustworthy, and reliable workers calls for us to treat those workers with the upmost respect.

Honest and Ethical treatment of Clients, Employees, Vendors, and the Community

Honesty is an absolute given at Montu Staffing Solutions. We believe in treating every single person and entity whom we come into contact with during the course of our business day in an honest, ethical, and fair manner.

Committed to Growth and Creating Opportunities for our Staff Members

Montu Staffing is committed to growth. The opening of the Hopkins Office in 2013 is one example of this commitment. We have almost doubled our in house staff in 2013 to support the large increases in volume we are experiencing. We have plans for additional offices in the near future. Being a part of Montu is an exciting place to be.

Efficiency and Effectiveness are balanced equally

Coming from a Fortune 100 company background where too many times efficiency won out over effectiveness, Montu’s owner strongly believes in balancing the two. We know we have to be efficient so that we can maintain our competitiveness

Above all, We promise to provide you with the best service to fit your needs.


Montu Driver Solutions

Company Philosophy of our Columbia Heights Location

In business since 1996, Montu Driver Solutions is proud of our reputation being the premiere provider of Driver Solutions to Minnesota transportation companies. It is a reputation we have fought hard to win and we are diligent about maintaining it. Montu’s staff are often told by customers that they are the best in the business. We believe customer service is our #1 priority each and every day. Montu Driver Solutions offers great customer service and we are available 24/7. Whatever it takes to service your needs is what we strive to do. 

We are a locally owned business and we believe in supporting the communities in which we do business. Our owner is proud to have been the past chairman of the board of Second Harvest Heartland Food Bank and member of the Board of Directors of Minnesota DARE. We actively support Children’s Cancer research and our staff members are involved in several community support roles.